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No. 50 Cheyne transform their event management using Seehoo™ Events

Reborn from the popular Cheyne Brasserie, No. Fifty Cheyneis an elegant restaurant in the heart of Chelsea specialising in the best seasonally sourced British ingredients. As well as intimate dining, it boasts a first floor cocktail bar and elegant drawing room overlooking Albert Bridge and the River Thames.


No. 50 Cheyne had previously used a paper-based system to carry out their event and private dining management. Given the complexity of their private dining requests they had tried to introduce new systems to improve customer engagement, sales conversation and drive customer value however nothing was able to support their particular approach.


To meet their complex needs No. 50 Cheyne turned to Seehoo™ Events to provide them with a flexible and scalable event management platform.

The restaurant hosts a variety of events from corporate dining through to weddings, birthdays and baby showers and each has very bespoke needs to ensure that every event is perfect, in every detail. A planning document editor was developed which would enable them to create template plans for any enquiry. This ensures that each member of staff, i.e the Kitchen, Wine Waiter, Front of House, Event Manager and the General Manager can access information pertinent to them and that the Marketing team have visibility for all events and bookings.

Our out-of the-box best practice functionality provided them with 80% of their operational needs and we utilised its flexible configuration options to give them the 20% customisation needed to make it work just right for their environment.

When an enquiry is first made, the easy to access events diary allows any member of staff to have a meaningful conversation about the date of their event, to start delivering customer satisfaction immediately.

The system provides a colour-coded enquiry status allowing a clear and easy to understand workflow. Conflicting enquires are easily identifiable and once a booking is confirmed, other enquiries are flagged to the Event Manger with temporarily 'rejected' status so they can make contact with the client and progress the enquiry on to its next status, waiting list, cancelled etc. An audit trail enables other members of staff to quickly get up to speed on the progress when customers call again.

Managers have immediate access to financial data via the performance dashboard which displays all relevant sales data as well as a rolled-up monthly sales report each month.

The Seehoo™ Events system is designed to work as well on mobile as it does on desktop, which is essential for the busy event manager, who needs access at all times.


No. 50 Cheyne have been able to utilise the best practice core functionality that Seehoo™ Events offers, giving them improved customer engagements and insightful reporting. They have layered this with functionality that also meets their bespoke needs and allows them to deliver their events their way.

The restaurant have reported that they have lowered the operating costs associated with arranging, booking and organising the private dining and events by an estimated 50%. They have twice as many confirmed bookings as they did during the same period last year and are easily able to measure the sales performance more quickly than they used to and can then drive marketing accordingly.

Customer Testimonial

"The planning document editor makes any type of event easy to plan and get 100% right. It's simple and easy to use both on a desk or from mobile, whihc enables me to keep on top of enquiries. The reporting of financial and sales data is a huge improvement on what we used to do.'

"Being able to automatically create team info sheets for the kitchen/front of house etc. on the fly and ready to go is awesome. This means our customers event runs smoothly and to a high standard every time.

"Everyone has an up-to-date diary, so we no longer accidentally bouble book and we can proactively manage enquiries"

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