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Wadworth leveraged their customer data to support their marketing objectives, adding additional customer value and deepening loyalty

CRM Challenge

Wadworth knew that they had a wealth of customer data available to them and they were keen to harness this information to use in their marketing efforts. They wanted to incentivise their customers by analysing their behaviour and generating custom offers direct to their inbox. The challenge they had is that they did not have an EPOS system that was readily able to manage the scanning of barcodes and they needed to address this with out too much financial outlay.


Seehoo™ allowed Wadworth to see their customer behavioural data from a range of external and internal systems giving them insight into who is visiting each pub, how often they are coming and the size of their group. Using the Seehoo™ Core module they were able to understand their customer's behaviour and use this to drive a range of loyalty offers that would increase spend and word of mouth marketing, as well as target customers who have not visited recently and incentivise them to return.

Unique Vouchers

Using the Seehoo™ Offers module they were also able to generate unique barcoded offers direct to their customer's inbox to be redeemed in-house. As Wadworth did not have an EPOS system that could handle the scanning of barcodes, a smartphone app was developed to allows staff to easily scan the codes on their own phones or using tablets within the business. This solution was provided without any financial outlay to the business.

The vouchers that are created in Seehoo™ Offers offers can be unique, not only providing security (allowing only one-time use) but also allowing their use to be measured.

Measurement and analytics

The redemption of the voucher drives valuable information back into Seehoo™ to provide insights about which offers are successful, who the regular customers are and who should be targeted to encourage them back more often.

Loyalty Programme

Seehoo™ has enabled Wadworth to provide a loyalty programme based on real-time customer interactions rather than on collecting points. This allows each restaurant and pub to softly incentivise and reward customers, based on how many times they visit, to encourage their loyalty and to spread the word. It’s a permission-based marketing model that’s designed to engage the customer without requiring them to present a loyalty card.


For Wadworth, Seehoo™ has given them an easy-to-use automated events and offer management solution that is highly targeted and allows for easy and secure redemption of offers.

The system give them a fully integrated data collection, analytics and segmentation of data to allow them to target customers based on their visit to pubs and websites and their shop.

The system was provided with a very low cost of deployment as there was no need for expensive hardware to manage the redemption of vouchers in-house.

They are now easily able to measure performance of each loyalty campaign, promotion for each venue. This has resulted in a 13% increase in customer engagement.

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