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Chaophraya is one of the leading Thai restaurant chains in the UK. Thier ethos is in and delivering a five star experience for their guests, every single time.

Chaophraya's CRM Challenges

Like many larger multi-site restaurant chains, Chaophraya have customer data available to them from a number of sources. They were not utilising this to drive their marketing nor to encourage customer loyalty. In addition to this they were operating a paper based system to manage the bookings of their cookery schools and wanted to bring an element of automation and sophistication to match teh expereice they provide in their restaurants.

Data Driven CRM Solution

Chaophraya turned to Seehoo™ to provide their restaurants with the ability to see and analyse their customer behavioural data, such as who is visiting each venue, how often they are coming and what size group they are in. Seehoo™ allows them to use this data to shape a loyalty programme which provides the ability to softly incentivise and reward customers, based on how many times they visit a restaurant. They use a permission based marketing approach that’s designed to engage customers without requiring them to hold a loyalty card in their pocket.

Restaurant Event Management

Alongside the core platform Seehoo, the Seehoo™ Events add-on module also enables them to manage the bookings for their cookery schools. Having originally managed these with a paper-based system they can now handle their event bookings in a much more efficient way, including the ability to accept vouchers from third-party sites, such as Travelzoo and Virgin Experiences.

The Seehoo's Events module provides the Event Manager with a single customer viewpoint, automates marketing activities and provides analysis and a reporting function to enable them to see who is taking up offers and loyalty incentives.

Chaophraya experience a high volume of customers who want to change their cooking experience booking date. Seehoo's Events module allows staff to easily move attendees from one event to another, ensuring the vacated place is immediately available to book again on thier website. Confirmation and reminder emails are automatically sent from the system and can include further marketing messages, as a next call to action.

Integration to Facebook Advertising for Ad Spend Optimistion

Seehoo is integrated to target customers, who have not visited the restaurant for a while, on Facebook, using custom audiences. This enables them to drive the customer back to the restaurants from Facebook advertising, whilst reducing advertising budget wastage.


Thai Leisure Group have reaped great benefit from the introduction of Seehoo™. It has allowed them to bring valuable data in one single customer viewpoint. It has enabled intelligent and personalised targeting of relevant content and offers to its customers.

Moving from a paper system for managing the cooking school bookings they have been able to promote their events more efficiently and many dates quickly became sold out. They are also better able to measure the performance of 'Experience partners' such as Travelzoo and Virgin Experiences.

The system has lowered the operating costs associated with arranging, booking and organising the cooking schools and other events. As the system is developed with lean technology, and in a modular, pay-for-what-you-use way, the cost of entry is low, maximising profits.

Customer Testimonial 

"Seehoo is fabulous. It's transformed the way we communicate. It's helped us get through the pandemic too, by selling gift cards that far exceeded our targets." - Chaophraya

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